Ultra Fast NVMe SSD Cloud Linux Reseller Hosting

Our SSD-NVMe Cloud Linux Reseller Hosting is one of fastest reseller services available out there! Our high-performance and high-speed hardware, software and network brings high availability and reliability to your business. Our high IOPS pure NVMe backed reseller hosting greatly improves page load speed of your websites. Move your websites to our cloud and enjoy accelerated NVMe hosting.

Cheap NVMe Cloud Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Choose from our affordable SSD-NVMe Cloud Linux Reseller Hosting plans. We offer cheap, reliable and powerful reseller hosting to help you grow your hosting business.


€5.99 /month Buy Now
  • 25GB NVMe Storage
  • 10 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Account Features
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2GB RAM
  • 50MB/s I/O Speed
  • Overselling Enabled
  • Private Nameservers
  • White-label cPanel/WHM


€9.99 /month Buy Now
  • 40GB NVMe Storage
  • 20 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Account Features
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50MB/s I/O Speed
  • Overselling Enabled
  • Private Nameservers
  • White-label cPanel/WHM


€17.99 Buy Now
  • 70GB NVMe Storage
  • 40 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Account Features
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 6GB RAM
  • 50MB/s I/O Speed
  • Overselling Enabled
  • Private Nameservers
  • White-label cPanel/WHM


€29.99 Buy Now
  • 100GB NVMe Storage
  • 80 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Account Features
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 50MB/s I/O Speed
  • Overselling Enabled
  • Private Nameservers
  • White-label cPanel/WHM

NVMe Cloud Reseller Plans Include

Free SSL
App Installer
99.9% Uptime
control panel
Daily & Weekly
Free 1-Click
Money Back
Full Management

NVMe Cloud Reseller Hosting Features

  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Fully Redundant HA-Enabled Cloud
  • Fully Redundant Pure NVMe Storage
  • Robust European Datacenters
  • Low Network Latency Network
  • Automated Server Fail-Over
  • Fully Redundant Network
  • cPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • Full Account Isolation
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress
  • Memcached Object Cache
  • Over-selling Allowed
  • Optimized For WordPress Hosting
  • Private Nameservers
  • White-Label cPanel/WHM
  • 20+ Gbps DDoS Mitigation
  • Multi-Node Data Replication
  • 1Gbps Network Connectivity

Enterprise Hardware

We utilize enterprise-grade hardware to provide highest performance to our customers.

Super-Fast NVMe Storage

Our infrastructure is powered by super-fast SSD-NVMe drives with up to 3 GB/s I/O speed which brings to your websites a great performance.

CloudLinux OS

We take advantage of CloudLinux OS for our Linux Hosting environment to isolate websites and maintain performance and reliability.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed is an industry leading web server which employs advanced event-driven programming techniques to maximize performance of websites and greatly increase page load speed.

DDoS Protection

R9Host is taking advantage of most advanced DDoS protection facilities inside its partner datacenter networks to ensure high level of security behind its servers.

Daily Server Backups

All cPanel accounts are backed up every evening, ensuring that a copy of your account data is always secure and readily available.

1-Click Reseller Migration Tool

By using our new Account Transfer Tool, you can migrate all your accounts and whole your reseller with our one-click migration which can be accessed immediately your client area. The tool will fetch all accounts under your old reseller account with another host and transfers them automatically to our servers. It saves your time for migration and allows you continue your business seamlessly with no effort.

FAQ - Your Questions Are Answered!

Where are your servers located?

At the moment our cPanel Reseller Hosting accounts are provisioned from our European location. Our reseller hosting servers are currently located in France and are connected to multiple low-latency networks across the Europe.

What are resource limits for reseller hosting?

Each cPanel account under your reseller will have the following resource limits. Access to website overusing server resources will automatically be restricted by CloudLinux’s LVE.

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core (100%)
  • 50MB/s I/O
  • 5000 IOPS
  • 50 Entry Points
  • 100 Active Processes
  • 300k inodes

What should I do if I exceed maximum allowed cPanel accounts under my reseller?

If you are not on the Ultimate plan, you can easily upgrade your plan to increase your capacity. You will then be charged for pro-rated residual amount at the time of upgrade. If you are on the Ultimate plan, you may want to consider purchasing additional reseller packages. Also merging multiple reseller accounts is possible to unify your management tools.

Which PHP versions do you support?

Our Linux Reseller Hosting supports multiple PHP versions. Supported PHP versions are 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1.

Do you support Node.JS?

Yes, Your customers are able to create and manage a Node.JS applications from their cPanel interface. The special mdule on the server will porxy the requests between LiteSpeed and Node.JS backend server.

What does overselling mean?

Overselling in Reseller Hosting means that the number of accounts you can create is not limited by disk space allocated to your reseller account and the overall disk usage of your reseller account is calculated based on actual disk usage of all accounts under your reseller and not based on just allocation. For example, if overselling is disabled, a reseller with 15GB disk space allocated can only create 3 accounts each with 5GB disk space allocated. In the other hand, if overselling is enabled, the same reseller can create accounts til total disk usage of all accounts under the reseller does not exceed the allocated space of the reseller account.

What will be my reseller's nameservers?

You can choose to either use our name servers or setup your private name servers to be used by your domains. Read more for instructions on setting up private name servers.

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