Experience The Performance With R9Host Super Fast & Powerful NVMe Cloud VPS

Simple , Fast, Reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server) In The Cloud

✓ Fully Redundant Cloud
✓ Enterprise Grade Hardware

✓ Powered By Super Fast NVMe Storage
✓ 20+ Gbps DDoS Protection
✓ Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
✓ Up To 3GB/s I/O Speed
✓ Choice of various Linux & Windows OS

Starting at
€3.49 / Month

Best Cloud VPS

Our super fast and powerful Cloud VPS (virtual private server) hosting is one of fastest VPS Hosting solutions which is powered by high-performance, fully redundant NVMe storage and Apache CloudStack. Our Cloud VPS solutions eliminates the need of managing and maintaining physical infrastructure. It is designed for hosting websites and applications that demand reliable network and guaranteed resources. Our NVMe Cloud VPS is an ideal choice for performance lovers. We help you experience better performance with your website or  application!

20X Faster Than AWS!

Our high-IOPS NVMe Cloud VPS Hosting  is designed for performance and high-availability for those who want to deploy their application on a fast, reliable and scalable environment.  All Cloud VPS hosting plans are powered by high-speed pure NVMe storage which makes your server and application up to 20X faster than AWS, Vuultr and many other VPS and cloud server providers. Dedicated resources also guarantees that your server always has access to the amount of resources you have planned. Deploying scripts and control panels on on top of cloud is now as easy as filling the order form. We are always working to automate and simplify deployment of various applications on top of our cloud.

With our cloud VPS hosting solution you get guaranteed and dedicated RAM, CPU and NVMe storage for your application.


Buy Cheap Linux VPS & Cheap Windows VPS Plans

We offer cheap still powerful SSD NVMe Linux and Windows cloud VPS hosting plans that suits any budget. You can alwaysupgrade your VPS to another plan with no downtime.


€3.49 /month Deploy Now
  • 512MB Guaranteed RAM
  • 1 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 15GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor


€3.99  /month Deploy Now
  • 1GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 2 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 25GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor


€5.99 /month Deploy Now
  • 2GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 2 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 40GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor


€9.99 /month Deploy Now
  • 4GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 3 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 60GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor


€15.99 /month Deploy Now
  • 6GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 4 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 80GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor


€22.99 /month Deploy Now
  • 8GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 6 vCPU Cores @ 2.0GHz
  • 100GB NVMe-SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • KVM Hypervisor

All NVMe Cloud VPS plans include



LiteSpeed & WordPress

100% Network

Various Panels
& Softwares

Backup Space

Free Website

Money Back



NVMe Cloud VPS Features

  • SSD Hosting
  • Best European Datacenter
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • 1Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Delivery In 30 Seconds
  • Choose From Linux & Windows OS
  • Optimized For WordPress & Ecommerce
  • Scale On Demand
  • Install Your Own OS
  • Unlimited Free Re-installation
  • No Bandwidth Throttling/Limiting
  • Simple VPS Management
  • Secure Console Access
  • FREE Website Migration
  • Smart Anti-spam & Anti-hack

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

All server hardware utilized by R9Host is owned and maintained by us! We only use the enterprise-grade hardware to build our infrastructure.

Super-Fast NVMe Storage

Our infrastructure is powered by super-fast SSD-NVMe drives with up to 3 GB/s I/O speed which brings to our customers a great performance.

DDoS Protection

R9Host is taking advantage of most advanced DDoS protection facilities inside its partner datacenter networks to ensure high level of security bhind its servers. All NVMe Cloud VPS plans include 20GBps DDoS Protection.

Ideal For Usage In

Web Servers

Code Repositories

Small Databases

Blogs, Forums & E-Commerce

Dev / Test

Web Applications


What is NVMe Cloud VPS Hosting?

NVMe Cloud VPS hosting is a type of cloud hosting called IaaS. It provides root/admin access to a virtual private server (VPS) that runs on a high-performance cloud platform powered by super fast NVMe storage.

Which hypervisor do you use to provide cloud VPS?

We take advantage of KVM hypervisor which is proven to be faster and more efficient than others. We use Apache CloudStack as the cloud orchestration software.

Do you block or restrict any port on a VPS?

No ports are blocked or restricted by default on our network. However, we have a smart Anti-spam system in place that pro-actively monitors outgoing emails and catches outgoing SPAM. If it detects outgoing SPAM originating from a VPS, it will immediately block port 25 on the originating IP to protect our network.

Do you allow email marketing?

We have strict rules to avoid outgoing SPAM originating from our network. If outgoing SPAM is detected, the originating VPS may be suspended or terminated without prior notice and no refund will be provided. Please note that if you order additional IP addresses, you may only send out emails from primary IP.

Do I have root access to my cloud VPS?

With our powerful and fully dedicated NVMe cloud VPS (virtual private server) solution, you always have Root or Administrator access to your OS. You can access your cloud VPS either via SSH (for Linux VPS) or RDP (for Windows VPS), or via our secure web0-based console from your client area.

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